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Thread: Caseta ceiling fan speed control level 3 is wrong

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    Unhappy Caseta ceiling fan speed control level 3 is wrong

    I have tried the Caseta 4 speed ceiling fan control on several different brands of fans including the big names like Hunter and Harbor Breeze and found that it works well for speeds 1, 2, and 4. Level 1 is a nice slow speed and level 4 is at full speed without issue. Level 2 is okay but, level 3 is too close to the speed of level 2 and too far from the speed of level 4.

    Level 3 needs to be adjusted for more speed. Level 2 could come up a little in speed but level 2 and 3 are so close in speed that it is almost undercernable on some brands and barely different on others.

    I would replace all of my 3 speed controllers with this one if the speed controls were better matched or, even better, user adjustable like the limits on the light dimmers.
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