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Thread: Neutral Wires - Canada?

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    Neutral Wires - Canada?

    Hello folks,

    My wife and I bought a new build in Ontario Canada (subdivision home) and we close in a few months. I want to purchase Caseta switches and dimmers for the home to be installed right after we move in. The builder won't install them for us for whatever reason and I didn't press the issue since they were very accommodating with other things, so I'll have someone come in and swap them out once we take possession.

    That said, with two versions of the switches and dimmers available -- with a neutral and without, I'm unsure which to buy. From what I gather, it's better to get the versions WITH a neutral because there is more compatibility with loads.

    Given that it's a new build, is it likely (or perhaps even code) that there will be neutrals in my new home? I'd rather not wait until I take possession to order the correct switches, but I also don't want to waste a bunch of money

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    In the US it has been code to have neutrals in all switch boxes since 2011 NEC. You should check if that requirement also exists in Canada. Your builder might know.
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions
    Santa Barbara, CA

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