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Thread: Move device to new room

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    Move device to new room

    Once I have added a Pico and its associated PowPak to an area, is there a way to move it to a different area?

    For example, a main entry has Picos that control PowPaks throughout the suite. I started my programming there, added the Picos to the "Main Entry" room, and added the associated PowPak to each Pico. Now, the app thinks all the PowPaks are in the Main Entry, even though they're really in other areas (corridors, common areas, kitchen, etc.).

    I don't see a way to change the room assigned to a PowPak in the app. Am I missing something?

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    When you program a Vive system typically you'll setup each area where a Powpak will reside and then add the pico remotes and associated sensors to that area. The Vive programming guide is an excellent guide for the subject and is found here:(

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    Hi, Adam, thank you for your response, I appreciate your suggest of Vive Guide, but I think that move option could be helper when you need reorganize your devices... sensors.. picos, without remove device and re-added, you need install a ladder and do procedure to add to hub..... instead of simply move to another room and reorganize simply..... I have this issue now.....

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