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Thread: How much are replacement QSSC motors?

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    How much are replacement QSSC motors?

    We have a bunch of shades around the office using SVQ-EDU-30 motors. I know these motors have been discontinued for a while. We were able to find 20 motors on eBay 4 years ago. Since then, we have only have 2 of those 20 remaining. There a couple of ebay sellers with a handfull last. Trying to figure out if its worth buying these old motors or look at replacing everything (45) with the newer QSSC-EDU-R100. I guess I'd be better off speaking to a dealer.

    Any one know roughly how much a replacement QSSC motor costs?

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    Lutron doesn't post prices publicly. We only sell shade drives through authorized Lutron shade dealers. Please use our "Where to Buy" weblink to find a dealer in your area:

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