I had a box that had 3 switches, one was a switch that controls my laundry room, the other switch has 2 switches, one controls my 2 different outside lights. There wiring has 1 hot, 3 black and 3 white, and then there was a wire connecting to just the 2 separate switches. I put a new box in to fit 3 separate Lutron switches but can't get all 3 to work, I have tried a few different ways to wire it but what I have now that is somewhat working is I have 1 black to each of the switches, all 3 reds are connected to the 1 red and all the whites are connected together. With this set up the laundry always works, the 1 outside only works when the laundry is on and the other outside doesn't work at all. Can someone please help me, I know very little about wiring. I was able to install a Lutron Caseta in another room and had no issues, I just can't figure out how to hook these 3 up. Please help. Thank you.