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Thread: In Wall Dimmer PD- Light Comes On Automatically

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    In Wall Dimmer PD- Light Comes On Automatically

    I installed the PD- version dimmers all of the house, Feb 2020. Upto now they worked great. Now I've had 2 lights where the dimmer and light will and should be off but the light comes on to about 3% and then goes out. This cycle repeats over and over again. The only way to shut the light off so it doesn't happen is to pull the tab on the bottom of the dimmer out. Any help or reason this is starting to happen on all my lights?

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    Hello there! We are sorry to hear of the issue occurring with two of your Caseta dimmers. If you are working with LEDs with either a separate or built in driver it sounds like over time as the light load has been working with the dimmer(s) that you are experiencing ghosting. While not a safety issue this occurs when the driver is sensitive enough that it is picking up at the trickle current that the digital dimmer needs in order to function. To pinpoint this we'd recommend to troubleshoot with an incandescent or halogen to see if the issue continues with a non-LED load. If you have the same Caseta dimmers working in other parts of the house, move a working Caseta dimmer to both of these locations in question to see if the issue persists with the working Caseta dimmer. Depending on which Caseta dimmer you are working with, you could consider if you have a neutral connection the neutral based Caseta PD-5NE dimmer as a neutral connection can assist with ghosting issues. We hope this helps! If you have any other questions our tech support team is available at (1-888-588-7661) and

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