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Thread: Maestro Macl cl & companion Dimmer ma-r-wh

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    Unhappy Maestro Macl cl & companion Dimmer ma-r-wh

    I need help. Can anyone please help?
    I installed Masestro Macl CL & the companion ma-r-wh. When I turned on/off Maestro Macl dimmer switch, the light is on/off. The light didn't turn off when I tagged the companion dimmer. The light was turned off only when I hold and tag the companion. When my hand is off the tag, the light is turning on again. What's the possible of issue?

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    Hi there! With the issue you described we recommend to check the MACL-153M and what it is programmed to look for at the other wallbox. The issue you described can occur when the MACL-153M is programmed to look for a mechanical switch at the other wallbox instead of a MA-R companion dimmer. Use this link to the MACL-153M install guide @ Under page 2 step 9 it goes over entering this programming. If when you enter the programming the bottom indicator light is blinking, you will need to press the raise button 1 time to move it to the 4 indicator light (which is for working with a companion dimmer) and then press the main on/off tap switch to save this change. We hope this helps! If you have any other questions our tech support team is available 24/7 at (1-888-588-7661) and

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