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Thread: 4A RPM has one bad output. database corrupted and not extract. Can we put 4U RPM?

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    4A RPM has one bad output. database corrupted and not extract. Can we put 4U RPM?

    I went to a house that has a bad 4A RPM...load # blinks fast and the rest of the loads weren't working. I reset the power to the RPM and the other 3 work but the as soon as I turn on load 2, it blinks fast and the load made a horrible noise.

    If I remove the load, the empty output appears to turn on and off.
    If I power the load using direct power, or even switch it with another output, it works just fine so there aren't any shorts or issues with that load. It's only around 150 watts too.
    As soon as I reconnect any load to output 2, it craps out.

    Here is the issue: I have a brand new 4U RPM on hand. I tried using that instead and it would not work and I can't get the database extracted (well I did but it was corrupted) to change it. Is the only way to get around this to get a 4A RPM? For now, I doubletapped another output in the same room to tie those lights.

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    Yes, the only option is a direct replacement. The file needs to match what if physically installed or it will see it as a mismatch and will not work. Hope this helps.

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    There is a small chance that the terminal block got damaged.

    I believe there is a 50/50 chance the 4A will work.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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