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Thread: how to effectively dim 920W of led stip light?

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    how to effectively dim 920W of led stip light?


    I would like some assistance on which drivers and how i can effectively dim 256ft of LED strip light? I have a coffered ceiling with 16 coffers, each coffer has 16ft of 24v LED strip. the total strip like is 256ft and roughly 920w total when fully lit.

    I can split the lights up into segments and have 1-2 coffers per driver. That means each coffer has 60w of led, 2 coffers 120w etc. the drivers will be kept in the loft space. Which drivers would work well with caseta for this large scale? should i have a dimmer per segment (so it does not max out the 250w max per dimmer switch) and then have a wireless pico in the room to control all of the segments. I would like to hard wire as much as possible and would like to control them all with a single dimmer if possible (even if that means that dimmer then controls 4-5 more dimmers for each segment)?

    Thanks in advance


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    You can't control dimmers with a dimmer.

    The driver should be specified by the LED manufacturer.

    Lutron makes a booster (PHPM-PA-120) that can potentially control that wattage. There is a calculation that tech support can help you with. You will need a dimmer with a neutral to control the PHPM.
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