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Thread: Lights turning off and on with ELV+ dimmer

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    Lights turning off and on with ELV+ dimmer


    I love the caseta wireless system overall. However, when I turn on lights with dimmers (all my dimmers are ELV+), whatever lights are turned on will "cycle" off and on from time to time. This happens regardless of whether the lights are at 100% brightness or 10% brightness. This seems to happen when the lights are on for more than 30 minutes or so. It is not that big of a deal but it is annoying when having dinner and what not to have the room go full dark and then back to light. Not to mention that it scares my daughter and my dog who think the house is haunted ;-)

    Any thoughts on what might be causing this? It is not flickering, just turning off and back on, as if performing some sort of reset.

    This house is a new construction, so all new wiring. I am using the Caseta Hub with a simple evening schedule but this happens regardless of the schedule, whenever and however the lights are turned on. I do not use IFTTT or HomeKit (not yet). It is a large house, so I have 60 caseta devices on my hub.

    This seems to happen only for lights on the ELV+ dimmers, the lights on on/off switches do not do this.

    This happens for under-cabinet LED strips, recessed LED wafer lights, traditional dimmable fixtures (chandeliers, pendants, ceiling mounts) , etc. I can't find a pattern other than the ELV+ dimmers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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    Hi Martin. Being this is only with the ELV dimmer PD-5NE, I would call Lutron Tech Support to see if they have any known causes for this or possible suspected date codes this has been seen in for the ELV dimmers as it seems random but consistent at that.

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    Thank you, I just spoke to tech support. The ELV+ dimmer requires a neutral wire, which I have. Tech support thinks there may be noise on the neutral wire or some voltage drop which may cause the dimmers to cycle (e.g., if large appliances are turning on). Good to know that this isn't (apparently) a bug in the dimmer. Will keep troubleshooting to see and ask my electrician to look into it.

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