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Thread: Unable To Turn On BitLocker For USB Drives

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    Unable To Turn On BitLocker For USB Drives

    I was able to turn on Bitlocker for the internal SSD that I have. But I am unable to see any success with USB drives.

    When I got to Control Panel > System and Security > Bitlocker Drive Encryption, I am unable to see my USB drives. It just says "insert a USB drive to use Bitlocker To Go".

    Right-clicking on the USB drive in Windows Explorer, does not show Bitlocker option in the list.

    I have tried with multiple drives that I have. Formatted them via explorer and partition manager etc, and found no luck.

    Can anyone help?

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    Hey Arya, you need to resolve to turn on BitLocker for USB drives through editing the group policy. To do that, tap the Windows key and write Group Policy Editor and then open Edit Group Policy. Here extract Computer Configuration, and spread Administrative Templates. Now extract Windows Components and spread BitLocker Drive Encryption. Here you can choose Removeable Data Drives and then double-click on Control Use of BitLocker on Removeable Devices. Here in the new window, you can choose the radio button of Enabled, and in the Options section, checkmark both options. In the end, apply your changes and start your PC to see if the BitLocker issue is fixed. See this site to find more solutions.

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    The first step is to enable BitLocker Drive Encryption services in your Windows 10. I've got some Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 drives and tried other drives too. It seems that none of those can work with BitLocker. I'm stuck and can't do my assignment without your help.

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