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Thread: Delay On Programming for RRD-PRO on RA2 Select

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    Delay On Programming for RRD-PRO on RA2 Select

    I’ve got a bunch of existing Maestro dimmers that I’m swapping out for RRD-PRO dimmers on an RA2 Select system. All good so far. Very straightforward.

    However, is there a way to adjust the “On” fade up delay time on the RRD-PRO? Doesn’t look like it’s possible from the FASS controls (like the original Maestro) and the RA2 Select system doesn’t have that as an option.

    I’m assuming that this is something that might be possible via the full RA2 system but I’m trying to work out if this is possible on RA2 Select.

    Anyone know?



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    Thank you for the post, smackie.

    The RadioRA 2 Select system does not have the fade rate adjustability like a full RadioRA 2 system has.

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