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Thread: Caseta ELV+ Dimmer with Philips Hue, Switch Turns Off

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    Caseta ELV+ Dimmer with Philips Hue, Switch Turns Off

    Hi, all. I have a Lutron Caseta ELV+ dimmer switch which controls my outdoor accent LED lights - 3x BR30s and 6x E12 candelabras. For the holidays I swap in Philips Hue bulbs. Last year I only did two of the BR30s and it worked great. I had the dimmer turn on 100%, wait 15 minutes, then change the Hues to whatever color. This year I added two candelabras to test the look. It worked fine and looked good, so I bought four more. Now I’m trying to get the two BR30s plus the six candelabras going, but am having trouble. They work fine when I turn them on at default color, but when I switch colors, the Lutron switch behaves strangely. The lights stay on with the new color for 5-15 seconds, then the switch turns everything off (including the non-Hue BR30), then turns back on (so all the Hues are at their default color). Watching the switch, it’s a hard turn off (no dimming), the switch waits until the dimming indicator LEDs cycle down to the off position, then it turns back on immediately.

    I tried a test Scene in HomeKit, adding one candelabra at a time, and I’ve come to find out that everything works fine until I get past five candelabras. If I add the sixth, it shuts down. If I add a BR30 (with four candelabras), it shuts down. This definitely points to the switch being overloaded, but that doesn’t make sense because it works fine when they’re all at their default color. Also, the Lutron switch should handle 250W and the total draw with this setup should be less than 60W.

    Any ideas what’s happening here?

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    You should never dim a Hue bulb. You may get it to work for a while but it will do weird things and at the worst possible moment.

    LEDs generate high frequency noise. Multiple Hue bulbs may be generating enough noise to interfere with the dimmer.

    The dimmer would probably not shut down on an overload. It would likely continue to work but get very warm.

    The dimmer also has minimum load requirements. The controller in the Hue is hiding the load from the dimmer. You may be dropping below the minimum load requirement.

    All dimmers have a built in high end trim. Even at 100% you are dimming the Hue bulb and it's not going to like it.
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