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Thread: Maestro Fan/Light switch stopped working and has flashing indicator LEDs

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    Exclamation Maestro Fan/Light switch stopped working and has flashing indicator LEDs

    I have one of these dual switch Maestro switches that was working just fine...and all of a sudden doesn't control the fan/lights...and instead has very fast blinking LEDs (light button = top LED and fan button = 2nd from top LED). Any ideas?

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    Hi there! We are sorry to hear of the issue occurring with your MACL-LFQ. That is an error code that you are seeing. We'd first recommend to check the testing/rated reason for the error code. Also, LED(s) that are not compatible can cause the error codes to pop up. You can see the install guide that covers the error codes at this link @ We'd also recommend for troubleshooting to swap out one of the LED lamps with an incandescent or halogen and see if it resolves the issue or it persists. If you have any other questions our tech support is available anytime 24/7 at (1-888-588-7661) or

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