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Thread: Still a good idea to upgrade to 12.10?

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    Question Still a good idea to upgrade to 12.10?

    I am still running on 11.6.0, The internet has gotten better here in Colombia SA and they just put Fiber Optic into our development so it can only get better... so I thought I might try upgrading to 12.10 but then I get this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is this a common theme? If so I think I might stay on 11.6.0

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    Hello! There have been some changes between 11.6 and 12.10 regarding the Log In process. Please reach out to for assistance with verifying your credentials and getting set up for 12.10.

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    Thanks for the reply, after a couple days of trying it did finally let me login. I just don't have enough faith now to upgrade my system from 11.6 if this is going to be a continues issue with trying to get logged into Lutron's system just to update something or make a change on my RA-2 system. Is there anything I am missing from not having 12.10 installed on my Main Repeater?

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    I have 15 Victorian-style switches connected to 2 x Control4 IO Extenders as dry contacts. By turning them on and off, I can control my Lutron dimmers and switches using Control4 scenarios.

    The Control4 Home Controller (HC-300) is old and sluggish (it can take up to 3-4 seconds for the lights to change).

    Because Homeworks QS provides Contact Closure Interfaces with several inputs, this would be a good substitute for Control4. Unfortunately, RadioRA 2 only has 2 x (non-security) CCI's on the Visor Control, so I'd need 8.

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