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Thread: Maestro MACL-153M - 3 Way Wiring Installation - Where to install the MASTER dimmer?

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    Maestro MACL-153M - 3 Way Wiring Installation - Where to install the MASTER dimmer?

    The 3-way wiring instructions included with the Maestro master and companion 3-way dimmer set (MACL-153M & MA-R) do not specify any particular location in the 3-way circuit for the MASTER dimmer unit. In a 3-way wiring installation utilizing Maestro master (MACL-153M) and companion (MA-R) dimmer units where must the Maestro MACL-153M MASTER dimmer unit be installed - at the power supply (LINE) end of the 3-way circuit, or at the LOAD end of the circuit? Or, does it matter where the MASTER dimmer (MACL-153M) control unit is installed in the 3-way circuit? Thank you for the help!

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    The MACL-153M & the MA-R in a 3-way application can be installed at either the line side or load side; testing/rating wise it does not matter which wallbox location either are at in this set up. We hope this helps! If you have any other questions our tech support can be reached at (1-888-588-7661) or

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