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My Harmony hub finally discovered the Lutron hub and all attached devices. Up until now it could never do it. Only change was I had to bounce my Lutron hub for another issue. Not even sure that fixed the issue. Point is it can work and now does. I can control Lutron lights from the Harmony IOS app. I gather I can now create AV lighting scenes with HRmony devices and Caseta lights
Anyone know how to solve this issue? I just installed a Caseta light switch with two Pico remotes to cover three light switches in my living room. I set up everything using the Lutron app on my phone, but I can't get the Harmony app to find the Lutron Caseta Bridge!!! This is very frustrating since the Lutron app can control the lights, so the bridge is on our network, which also has our Harmony Hub. Only issue I see is that the Harmony app says it's searching for Wi-Fi devices, but the Caseta Bridge is connected to the network via ethernet.