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Thread: Bulbs at full brightness at 30% Using Lamp Dimmer

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    Bulbs at full brightness at 30% Using Lamp Dimmer

    I just installed a lamp dimmer. It is connected to a caseta hub. I have 2 lamps plugged into it. Everything works fine (with google home, the app, etc...) However, the bulbs are at full brightness at 30%. If I turn the bulbs on, I have to press the down dimmer about 15 times before it starts dimming. Using google voice, I say dim to 15% to get them half dimmed. Is there a way to calibrate the dimming range? BTW... I'm using approved LED ecosmart bulbs and I have tried another bulb with the same results

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    Please see page 73 at the following link to adjust the low end on the plug in dimmer.

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