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Thread: smart switches that look like like Lutron. What do I need?

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    smart switches that look like like Lutron. What do I need?

    Just moved into an older home and am trying to gradually incorporate some smart devices. Last month, I added a couple Nest Hello doorbells and some Nest thermostats. I would now like to replace my porch light switch with a smart switch so I can have the light turn off in the morning and on at night. The current switch is a Lutron toggle switch like the one shown in the attached photo. I would like my new smart switch to match it (and the other switches in the home). The smart switches from the Lutron Caseta line don't really match do they? Any other suggestions for smart switches that match my current Lutrons? If I went with the Casetas, do i need to purchase a hub to control the switch in the way I want to or will the Google Home ap suffice? Any other advice?

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    If you went with Caseta then you would need a Smart Bridge to link the Caseta Devices to and integrate with Google.

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    You are correct, the Caseta switches don't match the Lutron Decora style switches. An option that would work is Lutron's RA2 Select. But it is more expensive.
    As with Caseta, RA2 Select does require a hub. It will work with Google Home.

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