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Thread: seeTouch Keypad programming - Dimmer Level = Last Level

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    seeTouch Keypad programming - Dimmer Level = Last Level

    seeTouch keypads (H or HN series Hybrid keypads and W series keypads) currently only allow you to set Dimmer Levels to a fixed %. This is a serious deficiency as they can not replace the Maestro dimmer's ability to turn on to the Last Level. Without this ability they can not reasonably be used as the primary switch control. We would like to deploy them widely instead of using RD-RD's but without the ability to return to the Last Level the system is simply not as functional. This seems like a very simple thing to implement. From a programming UI perspective, simply adding Last Level to the choices in the Dimmer Level dropdown would be fine. From a system perspective, I can't imagine it would be hard to send the Maestro a command to turn back on to the Last Level because it already can do that. Why hasn't this already been done? Please Lutron, add this functionality!

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    Currently, in 12.10, the hybrid keypads can be set to last level just like any Maestro dimmer. On the design tab, right click on the keypad and a sub menu should appear. Click Advanced Settings and then change the on level to "Last Level" in the drop down box.

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