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Thread: Smartthings integration

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    Smartthings integration

    I have Lutron integrated to smartthings for about 2 years. Dunno why but since a week or so if i uses manually a switch it does'nt update in the smartthings app, but i can use the smartthings app to control my lights. In short if i use an automation to trigger when a specific switch is turned on then it wont happen as the light will turn on but the smartthings switch according to this switch won't.

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    I am having the same exact issue. Started a few days ago. Seems to be one-way communication. Smartthings talks to Lutron okay, but Lutron does not talk to Smartthings. This issue is breaking all of my automations.

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    Fixed it

    I deleted the Lutron service from the smartthings app then i reinstalled it and all was fixed, it remembered all my lights and all my automation involved with it. No issue. Simple fix.

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    Removed and readded Lutron to Smartthings. Also worked for me. Had to recreate all my automations though.

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