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Thread: Existing Switch box has no grounding - Does Caseta / Claro meet requirements

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    Existing Switch box has no grounding - Does Caseta / Claro meet requirements

    Hi All,

    Just getting started with all the fun things, and first light I attempted to replace has no existing ground (Metal box, simple dimmer switch). This is a large condo complex so want to avoid any major reconstruction projects

    The caseta quick start guide states the following:

    GroundingWhen no “grounding means” exist in wallbox, theNational Electrical Code (NEC®) allows a control tobe installed as a replacement if
    1) a nonmetallic,noncombustible faceplate is used with nonmetallicattachment screws or
    2) the circuit is protected by aground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). When installinga control according to these methods, cap or removegreen wire before screwing control into wallbox.

    As this is an entry switch, there are no outlets nearby to add GFCI. As such, can anyone confirm that the Claro screwless faceplates meet the requirements of #1?

    There are still metal screws attaching the switch to the wall, but these would be covered up by the switch plate.


    (Installing Smart Lighting Wall Dimmer Kit)
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    I can't answer your questions regarding code, esp. when considering that your local authority is usually the *last* word in how the code is interpreted. You could visit your inspector's office and ask that question directly to find out how they expect your situation will be best resolved.

    I do think, however, that if you have a metal switchbox you do have a ground- just no ground wire. You should be able to use a green 10/32 screw in one of the pre-tapped holes in the metal box to ground a bare or green copper wire lead to use as your ground for the dimming control.

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    The Claro wall plates "should" meet condition number one due to the fact that the top snap-on plate covers the screws and prevents anyone from possibly touching them.

    Final say in the matter still rests with your local inspector. I would suggest contacting them.

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    I opened up a different switch within the house and it was setup with the ground just capped.

    Decided to call a professional for the first switch as there were extra capped wires behind the switch for which I had no idea what they were there, so decided that area was out of my depth. Dining room is now up an running though.

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