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Thread: Grafik Eye 4000 Help

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    Grafik Eye 4000 Help

    Group of fixtures no longer controllable on the wall units. Some fixtures are stuck on and others are off. The big panel sais GP48-1204ML-20. Older system and i cant find much online.

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    The address was incorrect on one of the wall stations. Correcting it i regained control of the lights..... But all my zones have jumped around and nobody has touched the circuit selector. Was told that in 16 years they never came across this situation......Time is still subjective when trouble shooting. I've seen it and still am looking at this issue "objectively" so regardless of the issue never presenting itself in the field / job site is no means a way to disregard my situation as incorrect. So no answer or even a possible suggestion from support regarding zone changes with not a finger touching the circuit selector.

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