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Thread: Odd 3-way wiring for PD-6ANS-WH switch

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    Odd 3-way wiring for PD-6ANS-WH switch

    Hi, folks. I am trying to install a PD-6ANS-WH switch on one side of a 3-way and either pico or manual 3-way switch on the other end. My preference would be the manual 3-way switch, but if I have to get a pico switch, I will. The picture in the following link depicts the wiring of both switches: Switch #1 is in the interior of my house and the switch #2 is in the interior of a detached garage. These switches power three recessed lights in a breezeway on the exterior of my house. I don't care which side I put the PD-6ANS-WH. The wiring doesn't look like any of the alternatives in the Caseta Advanced Wiring Guide.Any suggestions on how to wire the PD-6ANS would be appreciated.

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    Hi, 30 views so far and no replies. Does this mean no one has an answer? Is more information needed? Or is it so easy that no one's bothering to answer? :)

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    Wiring with PD-6ANS and 3 way mechanical switchI would place the Caseta Switch in the House if possible due to range concerns from the bridge.Also looks like the three gang area is the only area with neutrals that are needed for the switch. Is this in the home?PD-6ANSSwitchBlack on switch to tagged hot wire.White on switch to bundle of other whites (neutrals)Red on switch to white traveler wireBlue on switch to Red travelerMechanical three way switchOnly using two screws on switchCommon dark screw (hot screw) should have both hot tagged wire and white traveler on it.Top brass screw on same side should have red travelerBrass screw all by itself on other side should have nothing on it.Page 35

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    Thanks for the reply, Matt! Switch #1 (2 gang) is in the house and switch #2 (3 gang) is in the garage. But, I've already got another Caseta switch in the 3 gang that works just fine with the internet. I tried your suggestion and it worked! Thanks!

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