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Thread: The secret Pico remotes Lutron doesn't want you to know about

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    Cool The secret Pico remotes Lutron doesn't want you to know about

    I just discovered that Lutron sells several Caseta-compatible Pico remotes that don't appear *anywhere* on the Caseta website at There's a Pico controller with a nightlight (taking the 10 year battery life down to 3), and several four-button Picos that can control multiple lights, shades, and scenes in a variety of configurations. You can even get four button Picos with custom-screen printing, so the buttons will be labeled with whatever you want! These are great options to have, but they seem to exist on a need-to-know basis and aren't easily found for sale. I definitely would have made some different choices in my Caseta purchases and configurations if I'd known these were options, though.

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    If you go to and select Products, Caseta Wireless... they are all hiding in plain sight. This is probably a better tool for helping design a system.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Yeah, it's just kind of a mess. For example, the Serena controls, Serena Picos, and nightlight Picos don't appear on the site *or* the Caseta section of, but they do appear on the Pico section of That leaves us with three different places a new Caseta owner would need to look to get the full picture of what's available. Four if you include

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    I agree. Lutron needs to make access to all available / workable Picos, more user friendly. It took me forever to research and locate the Picos I needed for my Caséta System. Especially since the Caséta System is geared as a End User Installed system. I’ve been usin Lutron products for 30 + years, so I knew I could find what I was looking for to build my system. Attached is a listing of Lighting Control Picos. This list does not include the Shade Picos. Hope this helps

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    Caséta Pico Remotes *** = Color
    No Model No Description Notes
    1 PJ2-4B-***-P01 4 Button Pico Remote Family
    2 PJ2-4B-***-P02 4 Button Pico Remote Kitchen
    3 PJ2-4B-***-P03 4 Button Pico Remote Any Room
    4 PJ2-4B-***-L31 4 Button Pico Remote 4 Scene Limited programming
    5 PJ2-4B-***-EL2 4 Scene Pico Remote CUSTOM Custom Engraved
    6 PJ2-3BRL-***-L01 3 Button with Raise Lower
    7 PJ2-3B-***-L01 3 Button with Preset Button
    8 PJ2-2B-***-P01 2 Button Pico Remote Entry
    9 PJ2-2B-***-P02 2 Button Pico Remote Bedside
    10 PJ2-2B-***-L01 2 Button Pico Remote On / Off
    11 PJN-2B-***-L01 2 Button Pico Remote w/nightlight
    12 PJN-3BRL-***-L01 3 Button with Raise Lower w/nightlight
    13 PJ2-3BRL-***-F01 3 Button Fan Control
    14 PJ2-4B-***-L01P 4 Button Pico Scene Keypad - On/Off with Raise/Lower
    15 PJ2-4B-***-L21P 4 Button Pico Scene Keypad - Two Group Control - On/Off
    16 PJ2-3BRL-***-A02 3 Button Pico Wireless Control with Raise/Lower - Audio

    My Caséta System

    1 - Casetá Hub
    19 - Dimmers (mix of PD-6WCL-GWH and PD-5NE-BL)
    5- Lamp Modules
    1 - Switch
    26 Devices Total

    5 - Regular Picos
    1 - 2 Button Pico
    1 - 4 Button Kitchen Pico
    3 - 4 Button Relax Picos
    2 - 4 Button Movie Picos
    4 - 4 Button Custom Engraved Pico
    16 Picos Total

    42 Total Devices

    1 - Single Pedestal
    3 - Double Pedestal
    1 - Triple Pedestal
    Wall Mounted Plates

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    Where can I order custom engraved Picos? Is there anywhere online that will do this? Looking to get 1-3 made.

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    The catalog isn't very clear on how to order custom engraving. It just says to "Contact Lutron Customer Service". I guess there's no way to order them online? You have to pick up a phone and talk to a person? Like ordering software in the 90s.

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    Hello there,

    You can get the Lutron Pico Engraving Sheets here :

    the Pico Forms are at the bottom under Keypads. they are in PDF forms. What I did is download the PDF, then create my own "Fill In Form" on top of theirs. this allowed me to fill in all of their information, plus add more detail / specific information. I wanted very specific naming and spacing on my buttons.

    I hope this helps

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