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Thread: RA2 and Unifi Networks...any definitive answers?

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    RA2 and Unifi Networks...any definitive answers?

    This topic keeps popping up in various forums from time to time. I imagine it's because people keep having the same issues I do. As much as I love my Lutron RA2 system, sometimes I want to take the main repeater out and shoot the **** thing!

    I've used an all-Unifi network for years now. Running lots of clients, mostly wired and a handful of wireless, I seldom have any problems with the network. EXCEPT...connecting with the Lutron Main Repeater is always an adventure. I'll do some programming and transfer one day, make no network changes whatsoever, and not be able to connect at all the next. Or it can suddenly get funky with one laptop, but work fine with a different one. It's so unpredictable, and SO drives me nuts.

    I know there are a couple guys here who install Unifi networks. Since you also, presumably, work with Lutron systems....can anybody explain why they tend to have these issues? And more importantly, can anyone offer any specific advice on resolving them?

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    Hi @PAR-Designer,

    This probably won't be much help with your issues, but I thought it was worth posting as a data point at least. I'm a DIY homeowner with RR2 and a Unifi network, and I have had zero problems with it. I have a USG, several switches and several APs. Controller is running on a Cloud Key. The RR2 Main Repeater is set up with a static IP, which I understand to be best practice. I have always been able to access it from the RR2 software with zero issues when the laptop is connected via ethernet, and I'm pretty sure it has always worked when I'm walking around with the laptop connected via WiFi.

    I don't recall needing to modify any of the default network settings in the Controller software in order to get things working. Sorry I can't be more help, but I thought it was worth posting.


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    @PAR-Designer I like @gt3mike and a pro-sumer of both network and RR2 kit. Ive got an UDM-Pro running 1-10.0-13 image, several switches and 7 access points (as well as a dozen cameras). From the RA2 perspective, 21 shades, and another 68 devices.Ive setup the main to have a static IP and for the most part, it seems to work well, albeit Ill probably roll this back to DHCP and assign it static through DHCP in the future. What has been giving me fits lately is continual telnet lockouts (why Lutron still uses such an insecure access method is beyond me - the reason stated in my training was "well, it should be behind a firewall"... like nobody has ever heard of an INTERNAL threat)!My take is the Main repeater is pretty immature firmware so far as we are concerned (from an IT perspective), and there is little incentive for Lutron to actually clean it up. Ive had some issues in the past but once your done it seems to do what its supposed to (control shades and lights). Overall connectivity from an integration standpoint is archaic as compared to modern IT standards (Im not going to beat that dead horse any longer), however Id also be careful what we ask for... when they EOL this for the next generation you can bet the whole system will EOL and there will be zero backwards compatibility, hence a full retrofit (and I just installed all this kit in the last 4 months)What I have done is segment the whole thing off into its own VLAN along with the bridge and management VM that I use for programming - and it seems okay for the most part. Give that a shot and see how things work out.

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    I don't currently have Ubiquiti equipment, but I'm planning to install some. I'm also not a networking pro. In preparation I was researching this question and didn't find definitive answers. One thing I did find was that there is/was a similar issue for Sonos speakers crossing VLANs on the UDM-Pro. Someone developed a fix for this issue called "multicast-relay". It appears that newer UDM-Pro firmware may have corrected this issue if UPnP is enabled.

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    Lutron is trying to do away with telnet. They are fighting almost every dealer they have every step of the way.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    @randyc - so there really IS a God!Seriously, someone DOES recognize that Telnet has gone the way of CP/M and Thick Ethernet :-)If its the dealers that are fighting it... well they should wake up and get with the times, All the IoT crap didn't exist back then, nor was security even a thought when this thing came out. A simple password was "good enough", however in today's environment when the watch on your wrist has more computational power than the Apollo capsule, well its time to re-think this a tad. Yeah, it takes a little work to re-write your stuff to interface through ssh, however even that has evolved over time to be the "best option" for a CLI into whats surely an insecure system (at least they close all the ports on the thing that matter).

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    Same Problem as PAR - I'm not able to see the main repeater

    I came here to ask pretty much the same question with almost the same problems. I can get 1 laptop to see it for about 10 seconds until I do a transfer and then it disappears, and that's using wifi. I have trouble but it eventually works if hardwired to the network with a different laptop. I'm on 6 jobs now with the same network installer who is using Araknis Equipment and EERO access points. I cannot use wifi at all for programming and, again, even hardwired to the network is a miracle if it works. By the end of basic programming, I never want to touch the system again. With constant trouble, Lutron tech support just says, "Yeah, just try to stay off the Araknis network and use an ethernet link to program." Hopefully, there is a fix soon. Any advice from anyone else?

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