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Thread: PD 6WCL switch not working

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    PD 6WCL switch not working

    I just moved into a house in which the original owner had lutron switch installed in the mudroom. At the beginning, I found neither the wireless control nor the real switch could turn on the lights. Thinking there might be some issue with switch, I bought PD 6WCL from Amazon and installed it myself. However, with the new dimmer switch, the lights still would not turn on. But the LED light on the switch are solid when I turn on the switch. I try to connect the wires behind the switch directly, the mudroom lights will be on. So there shouldn't be any problem with power or the light bulbs. Did any experience this before?

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    What kind of LED lights are you controlling? Is it possible to swap out the bulb for a regular incandescent light bulb?

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