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Thread: How to program what a Pico remote does when using QSM2-4W-C

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    How to program what a Pico remote does when using QSM2-4W-C

    I am working on a Homeworks QSX system with version 16.6 software. I have successfully activated the QSM sensor on Homeworks. But now I am trying to figure out how to program the Pico remotes. The manual for the QSM has a procedure to associate the Pico to the QSM but then how do they get in Homeworks software. If I add them in software won't they want to be associated with an RF link and not the QSM? Also is anyone else having trouble reaching tech support? The phone tree has changed and the option to select Homeworks support directly seems to be gone and when I get a person I get sent to somewhere else? Thanks in advance

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    The QSM2 can have Pico remotes paired to it in the software. Navigate to the Design > Equipment page and expand the QSM2 in the project. You will see there are two tabs associated with the QSM labeled "Wired Input" and "Wireless Input." Click on the "Wireless Input" and then click "Assign" to associate Pico remotes (or LRF2 sensors) to the QSM2.

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