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Thread: How to stop a running sequence?

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    How to stop a running sequence?

    So I've been having a play with sequences.
    I remember trying to use them a few years back and seem to recall that I gave up on them.
    However current project requires lots of conditional and lots of sequential stuff.

    Running any sequence is fine, but how do you (or can you) stop a sequence in mid flight.

    Lets take the scenario I'm working through:
    The sequence 'away seq' is:
    Step 1. Set the 'exit' var to on
    Step 2. Turn off all the apartment lights except the lobby
    Step 3. Close all the shades
    Step 4. Turn off the lobby lights
    Step 5. Reset the 'exit' var to off

    This sequence is attached to a Push & Hold event by the main entrance.
    So user wants to head out. They push and hold the [Away] button and the sequence starts. They suddenly realise they left their keys in the bedroom.
    User presses the [Home] button, but the lights have gone out in the remainder of the apartment already and the sequence is still running so shortly the lobby lights are going to go out too.

    The purpose of the 'exit' var was to enable me to catch the running sequence, and I figured I could check it's status and if it's 'on' the issue a stop command.

    This does not work!

    So how do I stop an already running sequence?


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    Is your Home button a conditional button that references the Exit variable? You could have it turn lights back on at least if Exit was high, but most likely when the away sequence is ran it would still shut off those lights but you'd have to time it to turn them back on. I have an idea though I just cobbled together. Cant post a screencap or attach anything here so heres what I have:

    - Create 2 variables Home and Exit with on/off states
    - Create 4 actions: Exit Variable ON (Turns Exit variable On, Home Variable Off), Apt Lights Off, Close Shades, Lobby Lights Off.
    - Make your button conditional and in the Press do:
    --- If Home variable is ON, Then:
    --- --- Run action "Exit Variable ON"
    --- --- Run action "Apt Lights Off"
    --- --- Run action "Close Shades"
    --- --- Delay 2 minutes
    --- --- If Exit variable is On Then:
    --- --- --- Run action "Lobby Off"

    Then make your Home button on the keypad in addition to the logic you already have, set the Home variable to ON. So then when they press Away button, it sets the Exit variable to On, does the apt lights and shades, and will then wait 2 minutes (you can pick a time that leaves a exit delay buffer) and then checks the Exit variable status- if they have truly left the building then the Exit variable will still be on and it can then shut off the lights in the lobby and youre done. If they had to have had hit the Home button again to go back inside before that delay expired, then when the delay sequence times out the Exit variable will be off, and that Run Lobby Off step will not execute. If you had wanted to keep the lights in the apartment on too in case they needed to get back in then just move that lighting step to after the delay also.

    Its tough to explain without a screencap but I hope I was clear enough.

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