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Thread: SeeTouch Press & Hold

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    SeeTouch Press & Hold

    I have a SeeTouch keypad situated by the main entrance and the requirements are:
    On Button:
    * Press - (Action) turn on the lobby lights
    * Hold (1.5s) - set lighting & climate into home mode
    * Double tap - put system into demo mode (basically turn on all the lights throughout)

    Off Button:
    * Press - (Action) turn off the lobby lights
    * Hold (1.5s) - set lighting & climate into away mode
    * Double tap - turn off demo mode

    Both the On & Off buttons are set up as Conditional

    The Off Button Hold event is:
    1. Run shared scene - away (all lights off apart from the lobby)
    2. Run shared scene - close all shades
    3. Delay 5s
    4. Run - (Action) Lobby off

    My issue is specifically with the Off Button Hold event.
    When this button is held the press event is still being triggered so the lobby lights are are turning off straight away (the press event is being triggered)
    As you can see from the Off Hold event, this must be delayed by 5s

    If I remove the programming from the Off Press event, then the hold event runs as I intend.

    The press & hold logic is not as expected.
    What's the work around?


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    Thank you for your post slip.cougan.

    We recommend submitting a support file with the requested programming. Judging from the information provided, there does not appear to be an issue with how these button operations are setup, but it will be difficult to assess the issue without a support file. Please follow up with us at

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