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Thread: Circuits on LQSE Phase Adaptive Dimming Module Zone blink on and off.

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    Circuits on LQSE Phase Adaptive Dimming Module Zone blink on and off.

    Hi all , i've recently ran into an issue on a client site where i have 3 circuits with the same fixture. If i use any of the three circuits separately then they work fine , however if i connect two of them or three of them on the same module two of the zones blink on and off and those zones become unresponsive on the LQSE module (can't even operate them manually unless the module is reset and re-programmed) So far i've tried running open wires from the DB room to the fixture zones and the behavior persisted , i've also tried RPM modules and they can power the fixtures but they cause intermittent flickering whereas the LQSE when i can get it to work dims the fixtures perfectly.Anyone got any ideas how to deal with this , client's got around ~40 of these downlights in his house and it would be quite a pain to convince him to replace them.Is this a circuiting issue ? if so i've had it persist even when wiring zones with this fixture which are on different floors to the same module which seems rather odd ; don't even know how you'd mess up wiring that bad.

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    I would try manually setting the phase control. Sometimes the system has trouble figuring out which is needed.

    I would also make sure the neutrals are not crossed with another circuit after they leave the module.
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