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Thread: Lutron in-wall dimmer controlling Philips Hue

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    Lutron in-wall dimmer controlling Philips Hue

    I live in an 1800s Cape and have a host of lighting issues I'm attempting to address. In my living room, I have 3 sconces; one sconce is hardwired to a switch and the other two require on/off switches on the sconce itself to control. My idea has been to consolidate all 3 sconces onto a single switch using a combination of smart bulbs and a smart switch. The configuration would be as follows: use Lutron in-wall switch to control standard LEDs in the sconce that's wired to the switch. For the other two sconces, use Philips Hue bulbs connected to the Lutron switch remotely. I understand best practices around not using smart bulbs with a smart switch that's hardwired, so this configuration would follow best practices.However, I thought the Lutron switch would also control smart bulbs but I've been unable to do so. Any suggestions as to how to achieve my goal?

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    No way to do this using lutron and hue alone - they won't talk to each other directly. You need a hue/caseta compatible automation hub like smartthings, hubitat or home assistant as the link to tie both systems together via an automation rule ala "turn on/off both hue bulbs when caseta switch is tuned on/off"

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    Why not leave all 3 switches on and use the Hue app to control them? Otherwise (as Hydro noted) you are going to need a 3rd party device to interface the two.
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