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Thread: Maestro display won’t light up

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    Maestro display won’t light up

    I have had a Maestro dimmer for a pendant fixture with dimmable halogen lamp for a decade. Suddenly the dimmer no longer lit up and the lamp would not turn on. Thought that over time the dimmer just failed. Replaced with new Maestro with no change. Will the Maestro display only engage if the fixture and/or lamp are working properly? Please advise.

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    A Maestro dimmer will not be able to turn on/off/dim or have the indicator lights illuminated if it does not recognize a light load. If a fixture or lamp has burnt out/is not working properly the dimmer may not be recognizing a load and that is why you have not seen a change with the replacement dimmer. We would recommend to bypass the dimmer or install a regular on/off switch to see if the lights come on without a dimmer in play. If you have any other questions our tech support is available 24/7 via email and via call (1-888-588-7661).

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