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Thread: control HomeWorksQS system via KNX

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    control HomeWorksQS system via KNX

    Is there any interface/gateway that I could use to control HomeWorksQS system via KNX?

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    You can control a HomeWorks QS system from a 3rd-party device over either an RS-232 connection (using a supported converted) or an Ethernet connection (over Telnet). For directions on setting up a 3rd-party system to control the HomeWorks QS system, please reference Scenarios 1 and 3 in this app note.

    If you have difficulty setting up the 3rd-party system, feel free to reference the existing thread on troubleshooting 3rd-party integration in HWQS here.

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    One very important note that should be noted. When using the B&B model DO NOT set or use a password. It will not work. I have used them before and after I figured out that the password was screwing me up it worked perfectly. It seems you have to leave this device unsecured on the network unless I haven't spent enough time playing with it.

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