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Thread: Switch devices not showing up under Program -> Devices in Lutron Designer

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    Switch devices not showing up under Program -> Devices in Lutron Designer

    I suspect there's something simple I don't understand about programming single device controls in Lutron Designer. This is all in 15.7.0.

    I have some HQRD-6ND devices that show up under Program -> Devices, and some that don't. If a HQRD-6ND is in a box along with a keypad (e.g. a HQRD-W6BRL), the HDRD-6ND shows up under Program -> Devices, and I can program it. Once I program the -6ND, I can delete the -W6BRL from the box, and then the -6ND appears under Program -> Devices.

    So my current workaround is to add an extra keypad to each of the boxes where I have single controls like the -6ND, program the -6ND, delete the extra keypad, and from then on the -6ND shows up in the Program -> Devices menu. What am I not setting when I create the -6ND device that it doesn't show up initially under Program -> Devices? Feels like there must be something simple I'm doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Aha!! Never mind. I figured it out. The "Show All Dimmers" checkbox at the bottom of the "Device Location" dropdown on Program -> Devices needs to be selected. I knew it *had* to be something simple I was missing.

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