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Thread: Pico button names in app

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    Pico button names in app

    Hi, I've got a number of custom printed Pico 4 buttos for a client, when programming these in the app they only show as "Button 1", "Button 2" etc.Is there anyway to rename these according to the actual function / engraving on the Pico keypad?I know these are a relatively new product to the UK Select range but it strikes me as odd that it isn't possible 6 months after release and gives an unfinished look to the client. Appreciate any help if someone knows a way! Cheers, Gordon

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    Thank you for your post GordonAA.

    Due to the picos being engraved custom, there is no way for us to pull that information into the app at this time. This has come in as feedback a few times and we will forward it to the product managers as well! Hope this helps!

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