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Thread: Multiple homes with Alexa and Lutron Connect ?

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    Multiple homes with Alexa and Lutron Connect ?

    I have a client with multiple homes that would like to enable Alexa voice integration with Homeworks QS in both homes. It appears that the Lutron Connect Alexa skill will only enable a connection to single home. In order to enable Alexa voice control in both homes, it appears that we need:1. Two separate Alexa ( accounts, one for each home.2. Two separate Lutron Connect accounts, one for each home.Having two accounts for each creates all sorts of hassles. But before I go there, I just want to confirm that there is no way to have a single Alexa account control two Homeworks QS systems. Thanks.

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    Thank you for your inquiry. At this time, Alexa can only support One Lutron Home. You are correct that you would need 2 Lutron Accounts and 2 Alexa accounts in order for this to work. While there is no work around that would enable this functionality, there are other options, such as using Google Home in the second home, or using Apple HomeKit which can handle 2 Lutron homes (but be aware of the 100 total device limit that Apple HomeKit has for total devices integrated). If you have any additional questions, we advise sending your question in to Thank you!

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    Thanks Jonathan. My work-around was to create an integration between the two HQS systems, and run all of the Alexa and Google Home connections through one system. It creates a dependency across the two systems, but that seems less problematic than trying to manage two accounts.

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