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Thread: Latency with Web GUI and in-room preset wall mounts

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    Latency with Web GUI and in-room preset wall mounts

    Hey I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone would be able to shed light some issues that I am having. Currently running Quantum VUE 3.2.263. I am trying to fix or figure out why when i have a saved preset or really adjusting any lighting in my space that I sometimes get quick responses to the adjustments and other times I have 30 sec delay upwards of 1 to 2 min delay when in room buttons are pressed. How do I get immediate control of the system to that it responds within seconds? The PC nor the program have had upgrades since install.

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    I guess such a behavior may be caused by the updates. I used Quantum VUE 3.2 to do my homework for an IT Energy Management lab. There was nothing like that after install, but there were no updates either while I was working with it.

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    I suppose the updates may be to blame for this behavior. After installation, there was nothing comparable, but there were also no updates available while I was using it. geometry dash

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