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Thread: Ceiling Fan/light combo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramias View Post
    Interesting. Assuming it fits, could the Rrd2anf fit in the canopy in place of a canopy module?
    I don't think I've ever seen a canopy that would have enough room for the 2ANF to be jammed inside. The 2ANF is the size of a regular dimmer, including the plate that attaches to a single gang box location. I suppose the guts inside might be a lot smaller, but you'd obviously void the warranty and likely introduce problems with heat dissipation and electrical shock. So, no, I don't think you could use a 2ANF in a canopy.

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    The RRD2ANF would not fit into a canopy- may also run into problem trying to transmit and receive through a metal canopy. If you can't intercept the wire run (assuming a 14/3 or 12/3) for the fan/light, then this trick won't work. I have open attic in my place to use.
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    Fwiw, I'd gladly pay for both a combo fan/light module and/or something capable of acting as a canopy control for a ceiling fans with light.

    A hybrid wall keypad where some of the buttons were configurable for fan speeds would work great with something tucked into a canopy. Shame nothing like that exists for RA2. I got around this by putting in a single gang box elsewhere (along with pulling the wire) for the 2ANF and using a 6-button hybrid to control it. It's configured so the top button turns on the light, next three are for fan high/med/low, then Fan Off, Light Off and the raise/lower (configured for the light). I'd love to have had a module capable of being a canopy for this.

    Then there's the lack of a countdown timer for a bath fan... but that's another thread...
    What is your experience when buying a ceiling fan. Can you share? And what is the best price do you suggest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinpham View Post
    What is your experience when buying a ceiling fan. Can you share? And what is the best price do you suggest?
    The thing to look for is wording like DC motor or exaggerated language regarding efficiency. That or look at the install manual PDF for the fan from the vendor website. Then, if you're not sure, call the vendor and ask if the motor can be controlled using a regular in-wall AC dimmer.

    Another sign is whether the fan uses it's own canopy controller. Ones with wireless control options but without a canopy controller are almost certainly not going to be controllable via a 2ANF.

    Fwiw, I just plugged a LMJ?16R?DV?B unit into the junction box (from the attic side, not in the box itself) to control the light for a ceiling fan. For the fan motor there's a 2ANF in the wall, along with a hybrid keypad. The keypad dimmer is controlling some separate recessed ceiling cans. The downside to the LMJ is it makes an audible click when switching the light on/off. It has no dimming.

    It's unfortunate Lutron is ignoring the market potential here.

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