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Thread: Two buildings, two routers, one modem

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    Unhappy Two buildings, two routers, one modem

    Hi, I have built a guest house and connected it to my existing internet service by an underground Ethernet cable. It’s too far to share my netgear Orbi wifi, so I’ve added a TPlink deco mesh system there, and a second smart bridge but am not having any luck so far getting anything to connect in the guest house. Is this even a possibility or does the shared network (meaning two smart bridges connected by Ethernet) make it un-doable? Thanks for any advice.

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    See Multiple Smart-Bridge Pro's in a single home

    That thread is old (2016), but I haven't seen anything to suggest Lutron has improved anything wrt controlling multiple Casèta Smart Bridges at the same time.

    It appears that other apps, such as Apple's HomeKit, can address this, but I cannot say for certain.

    I like Casèta and its Smart Bridge, but it's really a fairly limited home automation solution in many ways. For larger or more sophisticated installations it seems one must go with either a different Lutron solution (Radio RA2?) or another solution entirely (Z-Wave, Insteon, etc.)

    Now, if Lutron would allow one to add a Smart Bridge as a slave controller to an existing Smart Bridge as a master controller, Casèta's utility would be greatly enhanced. I wouldn't hold my breath ;)

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    Your response.

    Thanks very much. I just moved the bridge to the other building and could control everything in both buildings perfectly. Then I came back to my house, and Homekit lost all contact with all the accessories, but the Lutron app was able to control about 80% of them. Arrgh.

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    Have you tried using a Caseta Repeater?

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