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Thread: Bathroom Ceiling Fan (No Neutral)

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    Bathroom Ceiling Fan (No Neutral)

    Hi all,a quick question. Recently bought a new house, wired up most of it with Caseta but decided to do the bathroom ceiling fans. They are all one speed, on / off switches. When I opened two of the switches up tonight I did not see a neutral wire. It might be buried in the back and I missed it but if it's there it wasn't obvious.So, my question is simple, what to do? Could I use a regular dimmer (PD-6WCL)? I looked at the Caseta fan switches and they all seem to require a neutral wire so am I stuck?Thanks for any advice.

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    Hello. Being there is no neutral available the correct Caseta Switch to use would be the PD-5WS-DV which does not have a neutral wire. You would not want to try and use a dimmer to run a fan.

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    Thank you!

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    To expand just a bit on Matt H's response: The dimmers are meant for only non-inductive loads. Anything with a motor is an inductive load.

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