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Thread: Grafik Eye 4000 - Intermitant flashing of lamps on one of the circuits

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    Grafik Eye 4000 - Intermitant flashing of lamps on one of the circuits

    We have a Grafik Eye 4000 Panel GP24-2304IS-10CE that feeds a number of circuits. One of these circuits has 4 lamps (13w Compact Fluorescent also built in emergency). The lamps have started to flash intermittently it will work for a while and then start flashing for a period of time. The Load Type was originally set on 3 which is Neon/CC I don't know why. It starts to flash intermittently. We have tried to change the circuit selector load type to 4 Non Dim and for a few days we though everything is OK. Have tried other Load Types and it makes no difference. Then it started up again. One of the settings should be '-' after setting 5. Instead we get a 6 which as far as I know is not on any of the other circuits we have. Any advice or tips?

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    What is the model number of the ballast being controller by this panel? Does this panel have large green circuit cards in itself or does it have large rectangular silver modules inside? The compact fluorescent bulbs are actually fluorescent and not LED correct?

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