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Thread: Illumination Problem with MI Link on the last two panels out of 8

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    Question Illumination Problem with MI Link on the last two panels out of 8

    Hope someone can offer a few tips for checking the MI Link on a client's 15 year old HW Illumination System in a private residence that has run flawlessly up until a short while ago. Our issue is in the last two panels on an 8 panel chain. Several dimmers start to randomly flash loads on their own and all the relays start to click incessantly until the processor is rebooted which provides relief for just an hour or so. There are two H8P5 processors on the project and we swapped out the one that the 8 panels are tied to with a spare to see if that would quiet things down but the random action starts up again in less than an hour. When we run diagnostics on the system, nothing shows up on any of the links yet we know something is wrong. All the cabling runs are in conduit so we would think that this is not a case of rodents partially chewing on wires as a probable cause.This really has us stumped so we thought we would put this out there in case someone else ran into this in the past and can offer some advice on where to start looking on an MI Link.TIA.Victor

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    Thank you for your post vrmenigma.

    We would suggest break the RPMs down to 1 in each panel and add 1 at a time to determine if we have a bad RPM. In addition we would agree it most likely is not the MI link, as the other panels work correct? We may suggest opening up an email with or giving us a call while onsite to further assist. Hope this helps!

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