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Thread: DIN Rail Ceiling Fan Control (?)

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    DIN Rail Ceiling Fan Control (?)

    Are there plans for a DIN rail mounted fan control for HWQS/QSX? Or will I have to put Maestro fan controls in the mechanical room to have keypad/automation control of fans? After all, one exists for the RPM panels.

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    Thanks for your post David C.

    At this time there is not one. When we did the launch we talked to a bunch of dealers and found out that the RPM Fan Speed Control was not used as much as we thought. With that in mind you are correct we would use the 2ANF for fan speed control, or get a 0-10v fan speed control type fan. This way you can use the LQSE-4T5 for 0-10v control of the fan speed. Hope this helps!

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