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Thread: Run missed timeclocks on start-up/re-start

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    Run missed timeclocks on start-up/re-start

    Is it possible to run a missed timeclock after the program has started? The project specification stipulates that certain lighting scenes are selected depending on time of day. In my current project I have four timeclock events setting a variable:1. Sun-Sat 5am - set var 'period' = morning (default) 2. Sun-Sat 9am - set var 'period' = day 3. Sun-Sat 5pm - set var 'period' = evening 4. Sun-Sat 00am - set var 'period' = night. The 'period' var is then used with conditional logic to select the correct scenes depending on time. When the program starts it will always default to morning. If I upload a change to the project at say 10am, then the 'period' var is incorrect until the next timeclock event occurs at 5pm. How can I force the project to trigger missed events? Cheers -s

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    This is why I have moved all of my schedule logic over to the Crestron side of my programs. The Lutron logic seemed too finicky and I needed this exact behavior. Wpuld be good if it checked the current time on startup and then set all time based variables and schedules

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    Thank you for your post slip.cougan.

    We would need an action for the missed time events to run most likely. We can take a closer look with your project file and starting a case with There we can work with you directly to see if we can come up with a programing fix for you! Hope this helps!

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    Thanks John,This has now been processed through Lutron support (which was fantastic)However as you stated, simply not possible with the existing Lutron software.I have asked for this to be referred to engineering.Regards-s

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