I have HW-RPM-4As failing after a few days of operation and have no idea on how to troubleshoot. I swapped out 50W MR16 Halogen bulbs in Iris P3MR MLV fixtures with the Lutron recommended Soraa LEDs bulbs, but after only a day of operation, the RPM would fail with the Zone LED blinking 3x, pausing, and then repeating. indicating a short on that specific Zone. After faulting, the output on the failing RPM zone remains ON until all zones on the RPM are shut OFF and will turn back on if any of the Zones on that RPM are turned back on. I'm able to restore the RPM to a non-failure state by power cycling the RPM. The RPM then works for a day before faulting again. This is happening on multiple RPMs, so do not believe it is related to a bad fixture or LED. I'm guessing this might be some type of minimum load issue on the RPM with the MLV fixtures because of the reduced current the LEDs draw. I was able to get the RPMs to fault less often by setting Fade/Delay times to 00:00 in the program. Min/Max % are set within the Lutron verified range for the LED bulb I'm using. I should note that the RPMs have a mixture of lighting loads on the zones including 120V incandescent fixtures with A20 and Par30 LED bulbs, but fixtures do not vary within a zone. Some system detailsControl: H8P5H48-120RPM: HW-RPM-4ALight Fixtures: Cooper Lighting IRIS P3MR- E3AA (3.5" MLV 50W Downlights)LEDs: Soraa –VIVID MR16, SM16-07-10D-927-0 (equivalent to the Lutron tested SM16GA-07-10D-927-03 7.5W w/GU10 v. GU5.3Delay & Fade = 00:00 (a bit of a disappoint, since the nice ramp up/down of halogens will be missed)Low End = 20% (Soraa LED verified to 12% by Lutron)High End = 90% (Soraa LED verified to 93% by Lutron)PLL = NormalSlush = GRX 4000Softstart = True4A Phase Control = Forward