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Thread: Best way to automate lights, fan and heating in a shower room

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    Cool Best way to automate lights, fan and heating in a shower room

    We’re having a shower room refurbished next month and there are a few things I’d like to control: Switch 1 - backlight panel behind WC and under sink – RGB LED strips, dimmableSwitch 2 - 10 ceiling spots inc in shower niche, dimmableExtractor fan – to run after you leave the roomElectric underfloor heating Towel radiator[Optional] motion sensor for switch 1 LEDs I have Control4 and Heatmiser already but my home Control4 chap is quoting £550+vat for the control parts and installation. There’s a logic to building on what I have but the cost seems excessive, and once everything is set up I don't need to control that room with any others. So I’m looking for a cheaper control option that the electrician can install and I can programme with an app. Do you think Lutron could do what I want, and if so, what would I need? Thanks for your help😃

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    I'm in the US and that price for parts and installation sounds really cheap. If you already have Control4 in the house there is no way adding a new Lutron system will come out cheaper. I'm not familiar with Lutron's UK offerings but it sounds like Control4 is the solution for you.
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    I will take the solution as a reference to automate my heating as well, I had a similar doubt and was going to open a new thread, but I think with that I know what to do.

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