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Thread: Integrating 2 HomeWorks QS systems over Ethernet/Internet ?

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    Integrating 2 HomeWorks QS systems over Ethernet/Internet ?

    I have a customer with two homes. Each home has a HomeWorks QS system. The two homes are connected by a VPN such that each home is on an IP subnet and the two subnets are directly connected. e.g. one subnet is and the other subnet is I device sitting on the 10.1 subnet can telnet directly to a device sitting on the 10.1 subnet and vice-versa.Is there a way to program controls on one HomeWorks qs system to control devices on the other? For example, programming a keypad on the 10.2 HomeWorks systems to activate an exterior light scene on the 10.1 HomeWorks system. Manually creating Ethernet integrations seems like one option. I could also put a Linux /Raspberry Pi box between the two and use Telnet. But before I go investigate thjose, is there anything that Lutron has already done that I could just turn on?Feels like something that's not too hard to manually program, but also seems like a scenario that Lutron might directly support.Thanks.

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    You should be able to. You will configure a Telnet login in either system so they can login to each other. Then in Equipment, you can add an Ethernet Device- you would for example in System A program add System B (for the other house), and vice-versa in the System B program. Then setup your telnet port, IP address, and Telnet credentials for the system you are connecting to. After that you can Add a Command Set or Import Command Set where you can import a csv file with your ASCII or HEX commands. You should be able to make up your own command set, and then have the 2 processors talk back and forth thru that. So you could send a command over from System A and receive it on System B and run your lighting logic off of that.

    I have not done this exact setup myself before though. But I have done an older Ketra integration where it was similar in sending/receiving telnet commands via ethernet.

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    OK, sounds like I need to set up the integration manually for each device/control, and there's no built-in/default integration setup. I can do that.On a slightly different topic, this is another example of where losing telnet integration will create a problem. So I hope that Lutron sees these examples and does not remove telnet integration as an option.

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