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Thread: Troubleshoot MACL-LFQH

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    Troubleshoot MACL-LFQH

    I installed this unit about 3 weeks ago to control a ceiling fan with incandescent lights. Worked fine until this morning - turned fan on OK, but when I tried to turn on lights got nothing but three lower dimmer indicators flashing. I turned circuit breaker off and on again - now no flashing indicators and nothing works.Any advice as to what the error is, or how to correct?

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    The 3 LEDs on the bottom means the surge protection has kicked in. There is no recovery from this.
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    What do you mean?

    Hi, I have had similar problems with the Maestro MACL-LFQ controls and had 2 different electricians come to the house. When each of them left, all was working, but both switches after a couple of weeks have had problems each time. One is still working but has flickering green lights and works after fiddling with it. The one in my bedroom now refuses to work at all. I have installed LED bulbs that are on the Lutron recommended list and neither electrician can figure out what is wrong. Right now the one that is not working has 2 constantly flickering green lights, one at the top of the light control and one at the bottom of the fan control. I have used the circuit breaker but that didn't help at all. Can you tell me why all of this is happening and recommend a fix? The fans are by Canfield and the light fixtures (each containing 3 bulbs) were added later if that means anything. Does it sound like a bad switch--or like something else that can be fixed? Please help!

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    We are sorry to hear of the issue(s) occurring with both of your MACL-LFQs after install. We would recommend for both units to swap out one of the LED(s) that is installed with an incandescent or halogen, to see if the issue(s) occur with a non-smart load in play. To better assist you with the unit that is showing what sounds like error codes please reach out to our tech support via phone call at (1-888-588-7661) or via email at

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