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Thread: Controlling 3 shades with one Pico

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    Controlling 3 shades with one Pico

    Hi everyone, I have a project with 6 roller shades (3 Sivoia QS Wireless Roller64 in one room and 3 Triathlon in 2nd room) and my customer wants to be able to control each shade panel independently with 2 Pico remotes - each pico per room/per 3 panels. I am replacing existing Somfy shade panels and customer was using one somfy three zone remote to control each room. (customer doesn't like the idea of having 3 Picos per room) My system will include roller shades, RA2 Select and Pico remotes. I know there is a pico with two group control (PJ2-4B-GWH-S21), but how about controlling three shades independently with one pico/controller? Is there any other solution/keypad so I can use with RA2 Select to control shades independently? Thanks!

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    Use the 4-group RF remote in each room instead of the Pico: CS-YJ-4GC-WH: . It will work with Ra2 Select.

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    Thank you.

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